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Trail World Championship

Representing Sweden in the Trail World Championship in Innsbruck was an honour and a pleasure!

Before the race, I have been struggling with an injury in my left leg which made the training not ideal and it was not until the week before the race when I could run ok in downhill. I could run fast in uphill and flat but the downhill was painfull and did not feel comfortable. The week before, it was starting to feel better and I could run down a small hill at home in full speed. I was excited and felt in really good shape but there was this small uncertainty when traveling down to Innsbruck. I saw myself as an outsider before the race and ambitions to be top 10. It felt weird because I usually go for victory but after the bad preparation and big start field, a top result was not reasonable. But when my legs felt from start, the hope and ambitions of course go up.

I was in the leading group together with Stian Angermund, Jon Albon and Thomas Gardin until 15km. Before the big climb my legs really started to feel it and I was done. The legs just didn't want to move and I had a lot of pain in the front of the legs from the first downhills. I managed to stay calm and to keep pushing for every position for the team. 13th place at the world championship was not a bit of a disappointment but not far from my goal.

Thanks Svensk Friidrott for your support!


Adidas TERREX proto Shoes

Adidas TERREX Vest

Rain Jacket

Survival Blancet

1st Aid


COROS Apex 2 Pro

Sweden National team clothing




Start - Innsbruck


1 Bar before start

Aid Station - Kranebitten


750ml Mauren 360 + 160, 1 Caf Gel

Aid Station - Mutter Alm


750ml Mauren 360 + 160, 1 Caf Gel


500ml water 2 G2 CAF Gels, 20 Gummy Bears

Finnish - Sttubai


500ml Marten 360 + 1 CAF Gel


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