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Maxi Race Annecy

My second for the season is done and dusted. After spending time at altitude in Davos I felt ready to do a race so I signed up for Maxi Race in Annecy. 36km, 2900m elevation on semi technical trail. I had a lot of training the week before the race but I felt good and in ok shape so I was excited to race. The startlist wan't super string except for Jon Albon, who is arguably the 2nd best trail runner in the world right now. I have raced against him a lot of times before so I know his style of running, strong parts of the weaknesses.

My tactic was to push him in the uphills and try to get a gap in the last climb that was big enough so that he would catch me in the last downhill. From the start I felt really god and I was in good control. I managed to get gap of Jon in each climb and on the top I had close to 2 min gap. But I didn't feel so confident in the downhills so he closed the gap really easy and unfortunately I made a wrong turn that made me lose 2 min to Jon.

I finished 2nd and even though I lost to Jon again I was happy with my performance and where I'm at right now. Jon is like I said a super strong runner and the best downhiller in the world so it was no shame in getting beat by him. Next time though...


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