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Innsbruck Trail Festival

Updated: May 15, 2022


Trail season 2022 just started and last weekend I participated in the Innsbruck Trail festival 42km in Austria. After a positiv covid test in Madeira before the MIUT 115k I was really motivated to race and to do well.

The week prior to the race was quite hectic with final presentation in Design 4, MRI of the kne and visit to the neurolog. I arrive to Austria the day before the race and meet up with the TERREX team. It was really nice to see everyone again!

The race went well and really happy to win the first race for the season. I had a good fight with my team mate Janosh Kowashyck and I think he will have a fantastic year.

The rest of the week, we stayed at Area 47 outside of Innsbruck where we go some good training done, workshop with the designers at TERREX and fun activities with the team.


Gear and nutrition

Adidas TERREX Agravic Pro

TERREX Agravic Pro tee

TERREX Agravic Pro Trail Running Shorts

TERREX Trail Running Vest

Maurten 360

Maurten Gel


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