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Petter Engdahl

Industrial-,UI, UX and Graphic Designer

 Besides being an full time athlete, I'm studying the master program in Industrial Design at NTNU in Trondheim. I like to be creative, artistic and solve problems therefore Industrial Design was an easy choice for me.  I work closely with my sponsors to develop new product and solutions that helps me and others to perform better. 

Skills and Tools

AutoCad, Fusion360, Revit

Design Projects

Here is my portfolio of some of my design projects I have done. Also check out my Design Studio on instagram
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TPD4102 Design 2 - Komposisjon

Høyde kitchen stool is a project to engage kids in kitchen activities, to help cooking food and feel independent in the kitchen. The stool has storage for books, bowls and tools. The whels have mechanical safety stops to as well as locking when force is applied from above

Petter Engdahlm Venjetind3 2.png
Designstudier TPD4195

The Venjetind showcase clean lines, minimalism, functionality, and a strong connection to nature. The objective is to create a vessel that combines sustainable materials, energy-efficient systems, and a low environmental impact, while providing a comfortable and enjoyable sailing experience.

The sailboat design should prioritize sustainability throughout its lifecycle. This includes the use of eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient systems, waste reduction, and the integration of renewable energy sources, such as solar power.

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Substainable Design, TPD4200
Ingeborg Nævdal Gundersen
Robert James Richard McKinna
Claudia Ros Abad
Petter Engdahl

The electric car is seen as the future of transportation. However, the production of an EV is a highly energy demanding process. The production combined with the usage of the EV makes a large impact on our environment. The production of the car battery especially has a major negative effect on our planet. We think there needs to be a crucial change in the way cars are produced: there needs to be a certain set of requirements and restrictions when producing an EV. We want to show that by enforcing a certification on EVs we will both make manufacturers produce more sustainable cars as well as empower consumers to make the most environmentally friendly choices.

Nunige Sport and health design Profile

Ninige Sports and health is a coaching, mental health and clinic based in Davos, Switzerland. The company is owned by Jasmine and Guy Nunige, both have been and still is world class athletes in Nordic skiing, Track and field and trail running.

Omnimod assembly.86 (1).png
OmniMod AS Designprofile and Website

OmniMod is a startup that develops state-of-the-art technology within the industry of logistics automation. Our main product is a modular system with multiple use-cases ranging from autonomous storage to sequencing and sorting of parcels. The users of OmniMod’s technology will be able to automate and optimize their operations’ flow and storage performance.


Therefore, OmniMod transforms how parcels and goods are handled through automation and digitalization. Furthermore, our products enable increased value creation for businesses of all sizes. Since the start in 2020 at NTNU, the company has had rapid growth and is now a company with international ambitions. Although the company is still young, it has already proven its technology through a partner-financed project. The main functionality is there, but much work is still to be done. Therefore, the company seeks to scale up its team in order to reach set goals and ambitions.

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