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About me

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My name is Petter Engdahl and I am a professional runner and skier living in Isfjorden Norway competing for Adidas TERREX 

I want to spend time enjoying the mountain with friends or alone, competeing around the world and trying to find more versatility than excellence, whether on skis or running, always in a light, simple and dynamic way.


Quick facts

Home: Isfjorden, Romsdal, Norway

Age: 29

Profession: Skier and mountain runner

Team: Adidas TERREX 

Coach: Magnar Dalen

Length: 170

Weight: 50

VO2-max: 92ml/min/kg

Hobbies: photagraphy, design, climbing  skimountainering, music

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I have never really consider myself as a runner. I was running during the summer as training for the winter. But I always liked the simplicity of running, to just go out in the mountains and nature and run. 
And when I started to run more, my skiing improved as well.

I did my first ever world cup in Skyrunning in Limone Sul Garda, Italy in 2016 and I absolutely loved it. Since then, I have competed all over the world in some of the biggest and most prestigious mountain races.

In 2018 I won my first World Cup in Livigno and finished 2nd in the overall Skyrunning World Cup after Kilian Jornet. 
In 2019 I did my first Ultra Marathon on La Palma Island, Transvulcania Ultra Marathon 76K and finished 3rd.
In 2021 I joined the Adidas TERREX team and it gave me a lot of motivation and inspiration to train hard and develop myself even further!


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You can say that I was born with skis on my feet and my dream as a young kid was to compete for the national team. I was far from a talent but with a lot of hard work and determination I have done a lot of progression and made some of my dreams come true. 
So in 2018, I finally raced my first World Cup, 50km in Oslo Holmenkollen in front of 100 000 people and finished 23rd. I finished the season with a 4th place in the Swedish national Championship.

I’m still enjoy skiing and it is a big part of my training during the winter






2nd Swedish National Championship U23

4th Swedish National Championship

23rd Holmenkollen WC

2nd Fjälltoppsloppet

2nd Volkswagen Tour

10th Scandinavian Cup

1st Eiger by UTMB, SWI

3rd Marathon du Mont Blanc, FRA

1st CCC, FRA

1st Transvulcania Ultra by UTMB, SPC

1st Zugspitz Ultra, GER

1st Zermatt Marathon, SWI

2nd Maxi Race Marathon, FRA

1st Innsbruck Trail Festival 42km, AUT

3rd OCC, FRA

5th Grand Trail Des Templiers, FRA

1st Livigno Sky Marathon, ITA

1st Salomon 27K, SWE

3x1st Peak Performance Vertical K, SWE

3rd Transvulcania Ultra Marathon, SPC

3rd Comapedrossa Skyrace, AND


Kebnekaise 1:47:17

Åre Torg - Åreskutan 1420m, 40´23


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The Mountains

This is my office, gym, playground, place to escape and where I feel most at home. When I run or ski in the mountains, my worries and bad thoughts often disappears and be in the moment and do what I enjoying doing the most.


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